Encapsulant    OPD-series,ENP-series
   Clear to colored,filter,low moisture absorption,low gas permeability,low stress,high heat 
   discoloration resistance.
   Clear to each color filter,low moisture absorption,low gas permeability low stress,high heat
   discolration resistance.
 Conductive adhesive   AG-series
  ・General-purpose conductive paste   LED to LSI(large-chip small chip)
   Low moisture absorption,low stress,high heat resistance,void-free,low impurityion,
 ・High thermal conductivity paste  high brightness LED~power devices
   Thermal conductiveity ≒ 20w/mk Special filler shaped Ag powder is high loaded.
 ・Stmping paste
   Viscosity and thixotroopic are adapted for the speed stamping.
 ・Long working life
   Characteristic:24hours or more (dispense Stamping) at room temperature.
 Insulative adhesive   Sl-series
 ・Die attach insulating paste
   Low moisture absorption,low stress,high heat resistance,void-free,low impurityion,
 ・Under fill
   High filling speed,low moisture absorption,low stress,high heat resistance,void-free.
 ・Transparent die attach paste
   High heat discoloration resistance,low moisture absorption.low stress.
 ・High reflectiveity paste
   UV~visible light high reflectivity,high heat discoloration resistance,low moisture
   absorption,low stress.
 UV Cure   UV-series
 ・UV cure paste
   UV curable adhesive based on epoxy resin for enhance productivity.This is made by one
   component without solvent.
 Thermal Polymerization resin   TP-series
 ・Long working life
 ・wide range curing temperature

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