Our products has been applied for a vehicle IC, and other semiconductor devises that are required Hi-reliability adhesives and encapsulates.
These products have been developed to solve difficult problems such as the environment and use for different adherents.
Thermal conductivity and water and moisture-resistant performance has been evaluated by many customers. They have been supporting our products.
Our products are expected not only to apply the semiconductor packages but also it can be applied for mechanical parts or vacuum or MEMS device.
Apr.4-5 Thermal cationic polymerization epoxy resin

Low shrinkage after cured.Long pot life at room temperature.
Non Sb(antimony)and non-solvent type.
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Mar.17 ISO 9001,14001 audit was finished
Jan.30 AG-NA-HT1 High-thermal paste.

AG-NA-HT has been develped as more than further the characteristics of the
conventional type.A new method was develped of despersive mixing Ag 400W/mK proper
visconsity with solvent-free.

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